Stategy to clear 2018

I am moving to Delhi and also left my job and badly want to get selected even if that means death to me.. pls guide me through ,my optional is sociology. How should I study to get within top 100.. pls sir guide me.. How shall I start..?

Asked on June 14, 2017 in Preparation.
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Civil services preparation consist of two basic steps:
1. Command on concepts which you can start reading from ncert and nios books, according to the subjects as nios is much better for few subjects.
Secondly knowledge about current issues. There is a difference between current news and current issues.
Try to learn the underline issue related to the news. For this you can read editorials, our current analyst, etc.
Once you hv conceptual clarity then only move for answer writing as then only you will be able to interlink topics.
Hope this will help you in placing one step near to your goal.

Answered on June 15, 2017.
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